The Normal Bean Band drove over 9000 miles during the Road To Woodstock 50 Tour, doing free shows in the Spirit of Woodstock from coast to coast and now it’s rest time as we prepare for the next Adventure and many other ongoing projects. 

I’d like to thank all our fans, friends and supporters. Without them we couldn’t do this kind of Peace Mission.   It’s the smiles and the tears of joy that we bring to you, who need it most.

Each time we wrap someone with the Peace flag for a HUG, the family grows stronger. Dreams were built on much less.  It’s much more than the music or the costumes and dancing that binds us all together.

It’s the Love that, once experienced, lasts forever.  Togetherness brings happiness!  Those that remain on the fence, I say to you “Wallflower, join the Dance!”

Road To Woodstock 50th Anniversary Tour, © 2019 
RTW50 Tour © 2019

Last Summer we traveled across the country spreading the
Spirit of Woodstock to all…

The first part of the Tour brought the Woodstock Spirit to over 8 venues, culminating at Hector's Inn on the 50th Anniversary of the original Woodstock!
July 12-14        OCF Oregon Country Fair, Quiet Camp, OR
July 18 The Trip, Santa Monica, CA
July 19-20-21 Love Light Ranch, CA
July 26 Kava Bar, Santa Cruz, CA
July 28 Santa Cruz, CA
August 3 Sky River Rock Festival, Snohomish, WA
Aug 10 Tetra Lounge, Denver, CO
Aug 15-18 Hippie Thanksgiving, Hector's Inn, Bethel, NY

Some of our Guests that appeared on this Epic US Tour: 


Normal Bean and The Universal Love Family
The Greyt Adventure
Subjective Perspective
Miss Chrooshal
Caveman Dave

CD Release Tour