Hippie Thanksgiving

Hector’s Inn, Bethel, NY, Aug 15, 2019

Lineup for Hector’s Inn:

  • Normal Bean & the Universal Love Family (All-Star-Band)
  • Ricky Hendrix (Hendrix’s Family)
  • Richard Sabol
  • Bill Laymon (Big Brother & The Holding Co.)
  • Barry Melton (Country Joe & The Fish)
  • Peter Lewis (Moby Grape)
  • Jerry Miller (Moby Grape) 
  • Don Aters (Rolling Stones Photos)
  • Top Dead Center
  • Subjective Perspective
  • Fungdagit
  • Arwen Lewis
  • Harry Loco

We’re meeting at Hectors Inn, Bethel, New York performing a special free show for the Woodstock family at Hippie Thanksgiving!

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